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Speaking Engagements:

Tip of the Ice Berg:
Do you or your agents have REALTOR vision? Start running your business like a business. This presentation will help you with an overwhelming amount of information. Stop running ads for a shot in the dark at selling you listing. You should get 2 or 3 more transactions from each of your advertising or open houses. During this program you will know what tools are available RIGHT NOW where you will get more BANG for your advertising BUCK! This program helped us win a 5-carat Diamond from
Combine this program with the Maximize program for a full day seminar

This Class has been taught across the country at Individual offices and 2 regional conferences. Click here for testimonials from agents and brokers.


Long Term Vision:
How Long are you going to be in real estate? Don't make the same mistakes that 90% of our Industry makes. Look at the BIG picture! Only 10-20% of all properties sell from newspaper ads and open houses, yet most agents spend 90-100% of their time and energy in these 2 areas! Over 3/4 of all properties sell from agent to agent...this should be your focus. This program will give you many ideas how The Korn Team takes advantage of this knowledge and turns it into SOLD signs! This program has helped us double our volume annually and with only 25-30 listings at a time.

Hands on Training:


Have you maximized your use of Are you turning this into a cash machine? Just spend an afternoon and learn...actually DO the things you need to do to get your piece of the online pipeline! We will actually go into and enhance your listings with additional property info-scrolling text-hyperlinks to other web sites, add additional photos, tweak or create your profile, ad useful links within your area, and show you how to turn into, not only a Listing retention tool, but also how you can get Sellers to contact YOU, the agent, for price adjustments. 
Combine this program with the Tip of the Iceberg program for a full day seminar
. You will need a classroom with computers for hands on training. 2-3 agents will be able to work on one computer.


Create a Listings Presentation/Consultation or Buyer Presentation/Consultation:
During this session, we will start with a blank PowerPoint presentation and create your custom Listing or Buyer Presentation. What do you say to your potential clients? What do you Show them? Whether you have a laptop, desktop or just want to put in on a CD and use your clients computer....this class will set you apart from the competition. Put what you say into a graphical, animated, professional format that will keep your potential clients attention and leave a lasting impression.
You will need a classroom with computers for hands on training. 2-3 agents will be able to work on one computer.


Create your own web site:
During this session, we will start with a blank homepage template in Front Page. You don't have to spend $500 or more to have a web page created! If you have already had someone create a website, stop spending large monthly maintenance fees! The most difficult stage is creating the website from scratch, having a vision of what you want and how you want to organize it. Making edits to an already created page is the easy part. You can edit, change, ad, etc. yourself and have it online...LIVE in seconds! During this class you will learn how to create a web page without knowing HTML code. If you have every created a flyer on the computer, cut and pasted a photo, or used a word processor to type anything, you can create your own web site.
You will need a classroom with computers for hands on training. 2-3 agents will be able to work on one computer.

To Schedule a Conference, Please Contact us at:
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Brad Korn
2048 Waterfield Place
Blue Springs,  MO 64014
(816) 224-5676
E-mail: [email protected]

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More Courses Available:

Internet Lead Generation
Internet Lead Generation provides practical, proven and detailed information on growing your business through the Internet.

Learn about what real estate buyers and sellers are looking for online. Explore how to market your website in order to capture qualified leads. Study the techniques that successful Internet agents use to transform website visits into in-person appointments. And review the economics of going online, from the initial investment to the outcomes you can expect.

Lead Generation
This course includes an in-depth look at marketing and prospecting to generate leads.

Listing Clinic
This skill-building clinic teaches the basics of the listing consultation. It organizes each of the components of the listing consultation and focusing on building the skills necessary to effectively consult the seller through the process. In addition, this clinic teaches the skills necessary to handle the common objections that might be presented during the listing consultation and how to effectively overcome these objections. The goal is for the agent to master the proven basics of the Keller Williams listing consultation and to understand the questions that "unlock" the seller's real motives and needs.

MREA: Buyer Specialist
As a Buyer Specialist on a mega team, you will focus on converting leads, finding homes and assisting a buyer through the offer process.
* Define the role of the Buyer Specialist and how that role fits with the whole team to dramatically increase your business.
* Identify how leads ar ereceived and processed for maximum effectiveness.
* Use a telephone interview to prepare for the first appointment with the buyer.
* Overcome any objections to signing a buyer agreement.
* Deliver a stellar buyer consultation in order to secure a sale.
* Efficiently identify and tour properties and assist the buyer in making a decision by creating a sense of urgency and overcoming objections.

MREA: Systematizing Lead Generation
The MREA: Systematizing Lead Generation course will provide team members the knowledge necessary to create marketing systems that support millionaire-level production. Learn how to leverage good marketing, useful technology and your team to implement and maintain a massive lead generation program.
* Create a large database that is constantly fed with new leads and new opportunities.
* Communicate to your database systematically using contact management software.
*Institute systems for lead management and focus on seller leads.
* Incorporate both marketing and prospecting activities into your lead generation program to increase productivity.
* Cultivate your referral database so that your next opportunity is just a click away.
* See a dramatic increase in your listings and closed transactions.

CAMP 4:4:3
reveals innovative models, sound systems and useful tools to help both new agents looking for quick success or experienced agents wanting to kick-start their career with 4 listings and 4 sales in 3 months.

Also have taught:
Time Management with the 4-1-1
Top Producer & ProManage

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Brad Korn
2048 Waterfield Place
Blue Springs, MO 64014

Phone: 816-224-KORN (5676)
Fax: 913-563-6835
[email protected]
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